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Hungary speed limits


Highway tolls in Hungary

Vignettes are required for use of motorways and expressways for all vehicles.

Drivers without a valid vignette are fined with €140.

Price of vignettes in 2018

Time D1M D1 D2 U B2
10 days 1470 Ft 2975 Ft  5950 Ft 2975 Ft 13385 Ft
1 months - 4780 Ft 9560 Ft 4780 Ft 21975 Ft
12 months - 42980 Ft 42980 Ft 42980 Ft 199975 Ft
12 months regional - 5000 Ft 10000 Ft 5000 Ft 20000 Ft

D1M - motorcycles

D1 -  3.5 t automobiles for up to 7 persons, and their trailers

D2 - automobiles not included in category D1, for more than 7 persons, ≤ 3.5 t cargo vehicles and campers

U - trailers of vehicles in categories D2 and B2

B2 - buses


Hungary road map

Hungary road map

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